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What is more cuddly than a Koala?  Or a teddie? Or a bunny? Or elephants? They're all here, ready to add warmth and whimsey to your children's rooms... or yours.

Brand New!  Greeting Cards with your favorite Prints!
In addition to prints, you can now purchase very high quality half-fold embossed greeting cards featuring selected images from Mimi's gallery.  The cards are 5" x 7" with 4" x 6" images and are of a quality that is even suitable for framing.  The inside of the cards is left blank so that you can compose your own special message to people you care about. They're wonderful for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and as remembrances to relatives and friends.  See the Greeting Cards page for details.

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Koala Mama
P112 - 13" x 19" print

Koala Mama

Did you know that Koalas eat eucalyptus leaves?  And did you know that eucalyptus leaves are poisonous?  Isn’t nature terrific to be able to convert poison leaves…to such a magical little creature?  Hang this painting in your child’s room and tell him about Koalas and Australia, and eucalyptus leaves! 13" x 19"

13" x 19"

Special: $18.95

Twenty Teddies
P107 - 19 x 13  print

Twenty Teddies

Even though I’m a grown-up, every time I go to the flea market and see teddy bears for sale, I feel like I want to rescue them ALL!!  For some reason I always go for the sad ones…  I want to give them a good home.  Give these teddies the best home in the universe. Your Home! 19" x 13"

19" x 13"

Special: $16.95

P104 - 19" x 6 1/2" print


Oh, we have a lot of bunnies here!  I always think of springtime when I think of bunnies.  Bunnies and the smell of a newly mowed lawn…and bees buzzing in the grass!  It takes you back to your childhood.  Introduce your child to the wonder of…Bunnies! 19 x 6 1/2

19 x 6 1/2

Special: $13.95

Mother Love
P101 - 19 x 13  print

Mother Love

Did you ever read the Babar series?  It’s great!  I grew up with Babar!  This is a small tribute to some of the wonderful characters…plus some new ones! A terrific addition to your child’s room…particularly if you’re reading to him. 19" x 13"

19" x 13"

Special: $18.95

Elephant Wedding
P102 - 19 x 13  print

Elephant Wedding

This is an unabashed tribute to the wonderful Babar books!  Get a book from the delightful series, and then get Elephant Wedding to hang in your child’s room.  The elephants will protect and watch over your special little child when you’re not around.  19" x 13"

19" x 13"

Special: $14.95

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