This option is available only for prints that have a white background. If you want to keep the white background in a print that you've ordered, then skip this page.

How would you like to have a custom color to replace a white background on a print in your order?  It's easy. We have four colors to choose from, and a gradient shading that can add highlights to the image. Here's how it works:

1. You pick a color, and it will be used in a "gradient" that goes from a solid color to white.

2. You simply select whether you want White gradient to be either on the TOP or the BOTTOM of the image (as shown in the examples below).

If you've chosen more than one print in your Shopping Cart, you can select additional color backgrounds at $3.95 for each print. Then please send an email to letting us know which color background should be applied to each print (by name).

Pick a color Gradient: Red, Green, Blue, or Black

$3.94 Additional

Example: The original Image has a white background

No action is needed to keep the original white background.

This background gradient has white on the bottom and black on top.

White on Bottom

This background gradient has white on top and black on the bottom.

White on Top

Again, you can select a gradient using any of the four colors on the top of this page, together with white, to choose your own background.

Here's a tip: Be careful to choose a color and gradient direction that doesn't wash out a black figure in the image. For example, the Black Lab dog (in the example above) gets a little "lost" in the black background when the white is on the bottom.

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